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Gender Neutral Pricing

Gender Neutral Pricing is pricing based on time and skill rather than gender. 

Hair has no gender, therefore, gender should not determine the price you pay for hair services. 

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Child (under 12): 

Haircut and style.

Clipper Cut:

Haircut using clippers. Wash. Style. 

Short Haircut:

Haircut above the chin. Wash. Style. 

Long Haircut:

Haircut below the chin. Wash. Style. 

Natural Curl Cut:

Any length. Natural curl haircut. Wash. Style. 

New Guest Haircut:

**New Guests must book this for your haircut service. This gives us extra time for a full consultation where we'll discuss not just your goals for today but your goals long term. If you have any inspiration photos, we'd love to see them, please have them easily available at your appointment.




Single Process Roots:
Gray Coverage. Root color. Does not include lightening services. 
Single Process All Over:
All over color. Does not include lightening services. 
Highlight: Mini
Face framing, money piece, accent color. Up to 8 foils.
Highlight: Partial
Half head highlights. Includes toner. 
Highlight: Full
Full head highlight. Includes toner.
Root Color + Mini Highlight:
Gray coverage, root color and face framing, money piece, accent color. Up to 8 foils.
Root Color + Partial Highlight:
Gray coverage, root color and half head highlights. Includes toner. 
Root Color + Full Highlight:
Gray coverage, root color and full head highlight. Includes toner.
Tone and Treat:
Toner refresh and KeraTriplex Treatment to keep your hair fresh and healthy between appointments. Includes blowout. 
Tone and Trim:
Toner refresh. Hair trim. Style. 


Wash + Style with Round Brush.
Blowout w/ Hot tool:
Wash + Style with Flat or Curling Iron.
Formal Style:
Up-do. Prom, Ball, Wedding, etc..

Hidden Crown Extensions

Halo hair extensions. Price varies by style and length.
**Consultation required.



KeraTriplex Treatment:
Repairs years of damage and restores super-soft texture while protecting from future damage. Transform weak, broken and brittle strands into stronger, more resilient hair.
"Olaplex rebuilds broken hair and reconnects broken bonds. By repairing broken bonds, Olaplex is returning your hair to its natural state. That means it will help reduce frizz, dullness, and even make curls more defined."
Cleanse + Renew:
This service moisturizes and invigorates. Solving problems of dandruff, dryness of hair and skin, as well as regulates the balance of sebaceous glands. It also helps hydrate and strengthen. Finished off with a hot towel to promote relaxation.
Lavender Mint Mask:
Deep Conditioning Hair Mask helps strengthen and hydrate moisture-starved strands. This contains natural French clay with nourishing, restorative minerals that help strengthen and hydrate hair. 


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